Wearing my Jedediah pants!

I’ve been waiting for a decent day to model my new Jeds. The threat of a major snowstorm has passed, so finally, here they are. Undoubtably, the best pair of pants I own! Beautiful inside and out. Thank you, Thread Theory, for this great pattern. I can’t wait to make more, especially the shorts version for the upcoming summer.


I made my Jeds with a brushed cotton twill from A & K fabrics in NYC. The color is a dark teal. It works perfectly with almost every shirt I’ve made. Here they are with a patchwork madras shirt. A total knock out! The season for wearing this shirt is very short, basically from now until the hot weather arrives. I plan on wearing this combination a lot.


Here I’m wearing them with one of my controversial ombré dyed shirts. I love this color combination! No one else has this look, so it make me feel like a million bucks.




I added a little whimsical “Levi’s” type tag to the back pocket. Just a piece of my bias trim fabric sewn in. I omitted the decorative topstitching on the patch pockets. Just a personal preference.



This was my “Christmas” shirt, which I riffed off a vintage McCall’s pattern from 1983. One of the male residents at my mom’s nursing home really liked it! I like it too (even if the stripes on the pockets don’t line up perfectly).



Love them with last year’s spring buttondown! Like they were made for each other.


So when are YOU jumping on the Jeds bandwagon???




16 thoughts on “Wearing my Jedediah pants!

  1. Wow. You make perfectly sewn garments. For the record, I think you look like a million bucks. 🙂 Each outfit is just as nice as the other, but that plaid really is to die for!


  2. these turned out great! i'm a huge fan of this pattern, it's such a classy look. love that you have so many shirts to pair with the new pants–i always get a little thrill about wearing handmade from head to toe!


  3. Those jebediahs are fantastic! The fit looks great. Out of curiosity what size did you sew. I made the short version for my hubby but the size was a little out for him…a wearable muslin only thankfully.


  4. Those look great! Can't wait to make the shorts…and the pants… probably a few times. My husband will basically never have to shop again with the Thread Theory patterns in my arsenal!


  5. I started with a 36 and eventually whittled it down to a 34, which is what I would normally buy. It's definitely worth making a muslin. I found them too generous through the hips and buttocks, so I needed to take them in a touch. But we're all shaped differently! It's worth fiddling with the fit. Once you've got it, you've got a great “go to” pair of pants or shorts. One hint… I would make the waistband longer than the pattern by 3 or 4 inches. It makes it much easier to attach, and it all gets trimmed to fit in the end.


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