The Joy of Wearing my Ombré Shirts

I’m ready to wear these shirts everywhere!


Thanks to Brian and Martin for being my fashion photographers. I hope they’re not too upset that some of the whacky photos didn’t make the cut.


For anyone who wants to know the specifics….

Fabric for both shirts was purchased from Denver Fabrics. They always have a large selection of cotton shirting at very reasonable prices. Frequent sales, frequent free shipping. Horrible pictures on their website.

Both shirts are interfaced with Shirt Crisp fusible interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply. Simply amazing stuff. On sale right now so hurry over there!

The buttons are also from Fashion Sewing Supply. They’re a great value and come in a variety of colors. I used the Black Cafe Caramel on the stripe shirt, and Choco Toffee on the floral.

The dyes are from Pro Chemical and Dye. Colors are Dusty Purple and Bronze.




The Rene Magritte pose!



I’m thrilled with how these shirts came out. Hopefully my experience will convince some of you to give ombré dyeing a try. It’s a great way to bust an ordinary garment out of “dullsville” into something fabulous and totally your own. Gotta love that!


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Wearing my Ombré Shirts

  1. When I saw that you got dye and planned to do ombre, I was skeptical. When I saw the in-progress dye photos, I was slightly convinced. Then I saw this photo of you in the purple shirt in front of the wreath. You look incredible! Good job.


  2. Wow, I will say that you have done a really great job of the shirts and the dyeing. You can tell that you took the time to plan and carry it out to perfection. I do love the purple dye the best. My taste however would be to do it on a plain shirt, not a patterned one. But that's just me, and I'm not wearing them.


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