Tuxedo Finale x 2

I haven’t posted a completed project in ages.  So to make up for that I’m posting not one, but TWO completed tuxedo shirts.  

So with all due respect, Tennessee and Chumley …..  on with the show! 

First up is the VERY long overdue linen tuxedo shirt.  I was working on this shirt when disaster struck this summer.  One of my co-workers was about to move into a new house that had been under construction for at least a year.  My plan was to wear this shirt to the open house she was planning.  I would have worn it like this.  Untucked with a pair of dark wash jeans.  As things turned out I ended up on my porch, swilling Ensure and sweating up a storm.  

I lost 17 lbs. unintentionally over the summer.  Not being able to eat for a month will do that.  As a result this shirt is a little loose, but I’m sure I’ll grow into it.  

Here it is tucked in.  The plastron extends about 2″ below the waistband of my jeans.  

This shirt has a single French cuff, which is a lot less bulky than the double variety.  It seems less fussy and more appropriate for a casual shirt.   I’m wearing it with a pair of cameo cufflinks that were purchased from The Open Sesame on Etsy.  I like the contrast of formal elements and relaxed wrinkled ease.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll get to wear it next summer.  

This shirt, on the other hand, is ready to wear now.  I can totally see myself wearing this to the staff holiday party next month.  The pleating is very subtle on this shirt.  The light is just catching the edge of the pleats in this photo.  

In this shot the pleats are completely invisible.  I’ve learned since starting this project that my pleating is technically called “military pleating” or “pleating to the stripe”.  It contributes to the more dominant horizontal stripes of the plastron.  It also makes the red in the tartan more prominent.  Note to self:  start making more red clothes.  

Here the light is showing the pleats to greater effect. 

Am I done with tuxedo shirts?  Hell no!  I’m totally seeing view D of this pattern in my future.  The “Venetian blind shirt”.  

As always, I wish you happy sewing, and thank you for all the support that I receive as a result of this crazy blog.  Cheers! 

7 thoughts on “Tuxedo Finale x 2

  1. I used to think men's clothes were either boring or costume-y. You've proven me wrong. Those shirts are a witty and tasteful take on classics. You look like an interesting person, the ideal dinner companion! I'm looking forward to seeing the 'Venetian blind' shirt.


  2. I *really* like the shirt pleats to the stripe. (The other method – pleating so that the tartan looks unbroken through the pleats – is called pleating to the sett, by the way.) It lends a real visual interest to the front of the shirt. Also, what a great idea, making a tuxedo shirt in tartan.


  3. Hi! My name is Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions? I'm writing a post about sewing for men and love your work and would like to feature you on a post this week. Please email me at justine (at) sewcountrychick (dot com)


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