Today’s mail bag

I’m anxiously awaiting the mail these days because I have Etsy treasures en route.  I thought I’d share what came today.  The new LL Bean Signature catalog.  Oh, Baby, this ain’t your grandfather’s LL Bean.  My head is still spinning.  Thirty pages of the most outrageously overpriced clothes to ever come out of Freeport, Maine. 
You really have to wonder what’s going on here.  Is this a signal that the recession is over?  Are we suddenly supposed to feel flush with cash and ready to stimulate the economy?  Maybe these are disguises for hedge fund managers who don’t want to be recognized by the 99% on their days off. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside.  
This chap is sporting what I consider a cotton T-shirt and cargo shorts.  The shirt which is cotton / poly is $69  (note that he is actually wearing two of them).  The shorts are $79.  Grand total…… hold on……$217 for clothes worthy of taking the trash to the curb.  Note:  Price excludes the belt to hold this sloppy look together.  Seriously, anyone could outfit 5 scruffy teenagers and achieve the same look, probably for less. 
It continues.  This absolutely hideous sweater in cotton/acrylic is $119.  What’s with that neckline??? Cotton plaid shirt $69, jeans $69.  Total…..$257 for what amounts to a thrift store aesthetic.  
I suddenly feel very out of touch with reality.  And to think that I’ve been feeling  guilty about spending $55 for shirting fabric from Denver Fabrics to make four new shirts for myself!  Reality check.  
The best part of today’s mail, by far, is the buttons to finish off the Victorian shirt.  Yay!  
Thank you Ann at Odd Cat Vintage Buttons for these beauties!  They’re very small, glass and a nice compliment to the darker tigereye cufflinks.   I just hope I have a needle small enough to sew them on.   The hole on the back side is incredibly small.  
Time to fire up the buttonholer!  

4 thoughts on “Today’s mail bag

  1. I think the Signature line is supposed to be the more stylish one, as opposed to the more stodgy, traditional LL Bean styles. But wow, those prices are high. I believe the brown sweater has a shawl collar, photographed badly.


  2. Wow, I'm going to open up a boutique and sell homeless beggar outfits if they are going for those prices!

    I may just be not so bright here, but I would be interested in how you sew on those buttons. I just finished a couple of dresses from a pattern and one lonely button is sewn to the inside, on the backside of a front button (confused? me too) anyway I had a hard time securing the button, like making it 'tight' without puckering my fabric. I hope you will give us a closeup of them on and any tips you have. Can't wait to see the finished product!


  3. Oh, the buttons were very easy to sew on. The is a little “tunnel” on the back of the button. Using a very thin needle I was able to make at least 4 passes through the button with my thread doubled up.

    I think what you're talking about is a backing button. They're frequently found on double breasted garments and I like to use them on outerwear. It prevents strain on your garment fabric. It's a little tricky but not hard. Basically you have to sew both buttons at the same time. You need to keep the outer button loose. Try sticking a toothpick in under the button as you're sewing it on. The goal is to keep a space between the outer button and the fabric. When your needle comes out on the last pass you wrap the loose threads under the button to create a shank. You'll want to knot that wrapping about 4 times as you keep looping around the button. Is that clear as mud?


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