Ix-nay on the longer trench

Although I would have like a longer coat, in the end it just wasn’t possible.  In fact, I struggled for hours to get the coat as drafted out of my limited amount of fabric.  Above you can see how close I had to place the major pattern pieces.  Thank God the fabric was 60″ wide.  
The sleeves, storm flaps and collar pieces had to be orchestrated by trial and error onto the remaining fabric.  The bias cut undercollar turned out to be an impossibility, so it will be in two pieces.  The undercollar has lots of decorative topstitching on it, so I don’t think the center back seam will be an issue.  
Somehow I managed to get the smaller pieces ( pocket welts, epaulettes, belt loops, cuff straps) out of this table full of scraps.  
So, as much as I would have liked a longer coat, I’m sucking up my regrets and moving forward. Needless to say a valuable lesson has been learned.  All of this could have been avoided for $8 !  

2 thoughts on “Ix-nay on the longer trench

  1. “All of this could have been avoided for $8”

    Haha. I'm sure it will turn out just fine at the final, forced length. I was on the fence about longer vs. shorter, so I didn't weigh in on that. And you're so strikingly handsome in anything you wear, I doubt anyone will notice the hem length of your trench. 😉


  2. Even tho it is a bother getting maximum usage from ones fabric, I always feel great, when the leftovers fit in my hand 🙂

    Good work on that! 🙂


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