The finished seersucker robe

Here I am lounging on my porch in my new summer bathrobe.  Yay!  This version features the plain shawl collar.  I shortened the length by 3″ which allowed me to cut the robe out of 4 yards.  It was a pretty tight fit with hardly any scrap left over.  I did manage to match the stripes on the patch pockets.  

I think this shot shows the fabric’s texture well.  The color also coordinates very nicely with my porch furniture.  
Of course the look isn’t complete without the pipe!  Needless to say I’m totally in love with my new summer robes.  This pattern was a joy to work with, right down to the font that was used on the pattern tissue.  There was even a separate pattern piece for the front interfacing, how quaint.   The robe also features a two piece sleeve, which is unheard of on any bathrobe that could be purchased today.  In fact, with just a little tweaking this could easily be a winter coat.  Hmmm.  Maybe there’s another project brewing.  

7 thoughts on “The finished seersucker robe

  1. This looks great, comfortable and chic at the same time. I once made a bathrobe for myself using a polyester sari in electric blue and gold. I love the color combination and wear it regularly but it does make me look like a female Hugh Hefner/ pimp.


  2. Truly excellent. I will have to keep my eyes open for vintage bathrobe patterns with two-piece sleeves.
    This past winter I made a double-layered terry cloth bathrobe for a client using his old bathrobe as a pattern. It wasn't anywhere near as fabulous as this!


  3. Wow – you look sooo comfortable in your new robe. One thing I often miss living in northern Europe is the wide selection of fabrics, you have availiable. That seersucker looks wonderfully cool and absorbant. Nice colors on you too 🙂

    all in all: fabulous bathrobe! 🙂


  4. I LOVE it! I've been thinking of creating a seersucker robe for my DH and seeing your finished project is quite inspiring. We have warm weather through October so this is an item he would enjoy.

    I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours!


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