Lining the sleeves

The patterns for the sleeve lining are easily made by tracing.  Extra fabric is added at the vent and at the sleeve head.  My tailors chalk from B Black and Sons makes this very easy to do.  Knowing how much I hate working with lining material, the quicker and easier this job can be done the better. 


The seams are machine stitched (Yay!), and then secured to the jacket seams with a diagonal stitch.  This will hold the lining in place while the jacket is put on and taken off.   
At the vent, the lining is slashed, folded, pressed and basted into position.  The edges are finished with a prick stitch.  This was all very satisfying work, and I love the deliciously luxurious feel of putting my arm in the sleeve.   Now it’s actually time to attach the sleeves to the jacket.  

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