Getting back on the horse

I’ve regained my composure after the lining fiasco, and I’m soldiering on.  Getting out the Swedish tracing paper is where I should have started in the first place.  I’ve laid it over the jacket front and drawn a new pattern.  I actually went back to my old “gal pal”, Edna Bishop to do this.  The cutting line where the lining attaches to the facing is 1.25 inches beyond the edge of the facing.  This will allow for a 5/8″ seam. 

The pocket was slightly less time consuming the second time around.  I’m showing it next to a Brooks Brothers pocket.  Not too shabby, I say.   
The seam allowance of the lining / facing is then cross stitched onto the underlying canvas to secure it in place.  There is now plenty of extra lining for the side seams.  I think it’s time to move on to the back.  

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