The quest for "grain perfection"

Apparently if I want a high quality garment that will fit and hang well, I must first attain grain perfection.  Essentially, this amounts to squaring up the length of fabric.  My fabric had been “sampled” multiple times in the store, and one edge was very ragged.  I clipped into the selvedge above the sample gouges and started to pull a single weft thread.  This produced a gather which had to be patiently worked across the fabric as the thread was  removed.  Simple, just a little time consuming.  But heck, nothing about this project is going to be fast. As the thread broke I could hold the fabric up to the light and cut along the line that was being formed.  Once both ends were squared, and with the fabric folded down the center, I evened the ends and basted them together.  

One thought on “The quest for "grain perfection"

  1. I am just getting updated on the blog and the coat is looking so great!

    I have to laugh about the perfection you are achieving after having spent this week doing “Recycled Fashion” with the kids at Camp. For example today :

    Kid: This shirt I made is too small!

    Me: Hmm. Yeah. But maybe if we sew the arms and neck hole shut it would be a good hat.

    Kid: Good idea! Can I glue a fake flower to it?

    Me: Knock yourself out!


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