New Season — New Clothes

It’s very unusual that I’m making something for the current season. I’m so slow that I never attempt it. It always seems that in winter I’m sewing for summer and vice versa. So I’m completely amazed that I have a new shirt and pair of pants that are Fall appropriate.

First up….the red pants.

These are Thread Theory’s Jedediah pattern that I zhuzhed up a bit. Like so many sewists, I love this pattern. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Make and wear one pair, and you (or your guy) will be wanting more.

Fabric: heavy cotton moleskin from Stonemountain & Daughter. No stretch, all fabulousness.


  • Skip the flat felled inseams.
  • Remove yoke and patch pockets
  • Replace with darts and welt pockets
  • Add two piece waistband with curtain
  • Draft and sew a French fly
  • Add two more belt loops


Cold weather is coming, and these thick brushed trousers are sure to be in heavy rotation. BTW the shirt is also “me made”. French cotton shirting from Elliot Berman Textiles in NYC. Beyond luxurious!

Speaking of luxurious shirts….

The feather shirt is finished.

Made from a rayon / viscose border print from Stonemountain & Daughter. Deliciously soft and fluid. Rayon can be a challenge to work with; but with careful measuring, cutting and sewing it makes beautiful garments.

This is my TNT baggy buttondown shirt pattern from the 1960’s, which I’ve hacked in multiple ways. Adding in a border print only expanded the design possibilities. I love how this turned out, and for once I bought enough fabric to make my ideas come to life!

Finding proper buttons for this shirt was a challenge. Let’s face it, JoJo’s leaves a lot to be desired in the button department … unless you’re looking for buttons shaped like butterflies or cupcakes. Goodwill to the rescue. I scavenged the buttons off two shirts that I picked up on “senior” day. Total outlay, about $5.50. Age has its advantages!

BTW the pants are dark brown velvet Jed’s. Did I mention how much I love that pattern?

Homer and I wish you happy Fall sewing!

15 thoughts on “New Season — New Clothes

  1. I am not an experienced sewer but fine with shirts, trousers always cause a problem as to what size to make, have the Jed pattern but hate their sew along as all the bias edging. So I now use a Kwik Sew pattern as that works much better so thread theory is no a favourite of mine, must be me.
    Your red pants do look really good on but you have made some great changes which in my opinion makes them far better. I am also an older sewer and just do it for a hobby really so trying to get better, appreciate your work.

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    1. We all have to find our own way. Like you, I’m also always trying to learn more and honing my skills. The bonus in all the work (and sometimes the frustration) is that I get clothes that I truly enjoy wearing.


    1. Great question! With multiple answers. I pick up some ideas from vintage patterns. They used to be much more imaginative than they are now. I might even buy a pattern that’s not my size just to see how it’s drafted. Then I adapt it. David Coffin has written two books on shirtmaking. Shirtmaking and The Shirtmaking Workbook. They are filled with ideas and more technical information than I can absorb. I also have Roberto Cabrera’s book on menswear tailoring. All these “tools” help me get where I want to go.


  2. Yep, those trousers are “all fabulousness”, and look great with the floral shirt (a good men’s floral is hard to find). Love the feather shirt too -especially impressed the front pattern matching. I hope you enjoy wearing them lots!

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  3. Fantastic outfits! Isn’t it great when you get it done for the current season! I’m not usually so organised! Well done!
    Nice to see you & Homer got your haircuts too! Very smart!

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  4. Your finished garments are very nice especially the feather shirt which is just gorgeous! Thanks for the Jeds recommendation. I have that pattern but haven’t sewn it yet. Now that I have an almost completely me-made wardrobe it’s time to work on my husband’s! First we need to hunt down the right fabric since there doesn’t seem to be anything in the stash. Fabric shopping! Uh-oh.

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  5. I like them all and will have to look at the Jed pants pattern, but the feather shirt is particularly wonderful, especially the way the border surprises when you turn round.

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  6. MOLESKIN! I thought they were twill.
    VELVET! Brown velvet for autumn…[sound of heartbreaking]
    Those pants are envy inducing! Not that I have a jealous bone in my body.

    You look “catalog worthy”, but most of the stores that would feature such stylish classics are long gone. Let’s go with “Paul Stuart worthy”. You should have your own line; pitch perfect choices, timeless execution, dignity appropriate.

    Vicarious living through modern sewing,


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  7. I’m just getting ready to do a small sewing blitz. I have finally perfected a jeans sewing pattern for myself based on a pair of jeans that I love to wear. Major color scheme – taupe and red (lightweight polar fleece) and red plaid. Also moving away from black to blue – polar fleece and plaid. I am just breaking in a new Bernina Sewing machine which I am loving. I am going to start putting up some of my vintage sewing machines for sale. Time to let go. Great job on all clothing, I wish I had more time to get these kind of projects done.


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