New Summer Shirts



What’s better than a new shirt for summer??? Two new shirts!




I made just a couple little adjustments to my vintage pattern. I always need a sloped shoulder adjustment (top pic), and I also added a slight curve to the upper back (lower pic). I also cut the undercollar and the collar interfacing on the bias. I think that helps a camp collar fit a little better. Oh, and I added some extra fabric at the lower sides to allow for some small side slits.

Both shirts have sew-in interfacing. A fusible would have flattened out all the crinkle on the graffiti print, so I used some very lightweight cotton gauze from my stash. I think it was intended to be used for sheer curtains. It’s that light, and it worked perfectly. The plaid shirt is interfaced with Fashion Sewing Supply’s “light crisp” sew-in. A dream to work with, and it didn’t weigh down my fabric. No guy wants a heavy summer shirt.

All the construction was extremely straightforward. Basic shirt stuff.



The plaid shirt is a whisper weight cotton madras plaid from Peron Fabrics. It’s been patiently waiting in my stash for the right pattern to come along.




The truly observant will notice that I’ve used this fabric before… namely as bias binding, elbow patches and other assorted do-dads on last year’s Watanabe inspired jacket and fishing vest. It’s a lotta look! I’ll save it for a day when I’m feeling especially “fashion adventurous”. A morning at the laundromat maybe!



I fell in love with this crazy crinkled graffiti print at Elliot Berman. I don’t tend to wear much blue, other than jeans, so this is a big departure for me…. Both color and style wise. It’s hard enough getting older, even worse to be old and turn into a stodgy fuddy duddy. No chance of that with this shirt!


Plus, summer is made for wearing crazy shirts!



So get out there and have your very own……




20 thoughts on “New Summer Shirts

  1. Been wondering where you have been. The shirts are lovely and I do like the red plaid. I have some similar, bought at a JoAnn's moving sale several years ago that will do very nicely.
    Theresa in Tucson


  2. Both shirts look great on you, and I especially love the graffiti print shirt. Sewing your own clothes encourages you to break out of your comfort zone to try new patterns and colors. While it can feel weird, it's worth it!


  3. While both are impeccable, the blue is the clear winner. The pattern (looks like fishing netting) and the colors give it a nautical feel and that's right up your alley. Your work is inspiring.


  4. These are great shirts! I think your vest and plaid shirt combo looks really fab and can be worn anywhere–even beyond the laundromat! 🙂


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