The Athleisure Reveal

So the question is…..



I had so much fun delving into the world of athleisure. Who knew sweats could actually be, dare I say, stylish. These clothes make me feel like I’m strutting down the runway at Armani!



Of course I’m really just in my backyard in Maine, and it’s something like 18 degrees F.


I realize this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it’s been a success. The comfort and warmth factors alone have won me over. Plus, I feel I’ve successfully taken something trendy and made it “age appropriate”. Like all trends, Athleisure will fade, but these pieces are basic enough to have some “staying power” in my wardrobe. That’s always a win.


Kudos also to Gorgeous Fabrics. These fabrics were perfection, a joy to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough.



The pants are Thread Theory’s Jedediah pattern. I made them 1.5 inches longer than usual so I can easily tuck them into a pair of boots (and they’ll stay there!). It’s also just a different look for me.


Not much interesting going on back here. I’ve worn the pants around the house for a few days, and have to tell you that they eventually bag out at the knees and the butt with wear. I washed and dried them before the photo shoot, and they thankfully snapped back into shape. Next time (I have fabric for another pair) I’ll forget the welt pocket and sew them with the back yoke and patch pockets as designed. I’m thinking this might help them retain their shape better in the rear. I also might try going just a tad slimmer.

Then again, my daughter has suggested a hoodie vest, which could be interesting and something very new for me. Decisions, decisions…



I was Soooo short on material for the jacket, I’d only ordered 2 yards, that there wasn’t enough left for the pockets as designed. I had to cobble them together with the scraps that were left over. A band of lengthwise material was added at the top of each pocket. In the end it turned out to be one of those fortunate blunders, because it made for a much more interesting jacket.


This project also opened my eyes to the versatility of adding gray to my existing wardrobe. Hey, I have the hair to match, right??? I’m also seriously considering black, a color I was told years ago to avoid. Maybe I’ve grown up enough to pull it off! I’ll never be the all black kind of person, I love color too much. But a little bit might be a good thing.


So ends another project. (On a successful note!)


As always, I appreciate all the support and inspiration I receive from the sewing community. It’s overwhelming.


Arrivederci from the coast of Maine, where I can honestly say that ….. “I’m living……




38 thoughts on “The Athleisure Reveal

  1. IF only you could have heard me laugh at “Is it Maine, or Milan?”
    Love your sense of humor and the photo spread of you walking the runway (or is it snow-way?)

    Your athleisurewear is great, and I love how lack of fabric for the jacket resulted in pockets with awesome design details.

    Kudos to taking your photos outside in 18F temps.


  2. So chic and comfortable at the same time! You have really worked wonders with so little fabric and the photo of you in the middle of the 2 models…you fit right in! Can I say that this outfit gives you such a youthful feel!


  3. Gorgeous, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous outfit!

    (Years ago, as a Summer with light brown hair and hazel eyes, I, too, was advised never to wear black. Now that my hair is completely silver-white, black is very flattering. I've read that is not uncommon, since one retains the cool skin tones but has higher contrast with the silver hair. Give black a try – I bet you'll like it.)


  4. Ok, I just changed my opinion. After seeing a few guys walking the major street in Zurich, I was thinking.. Awful… But then their pants were much tighter and have shown a bit to much for being called stylish. Your outfit looks really great and stylish. The color grey suits you perfect. With that outfit you could easily walk the streets of Milano and Rome and lots of people would turn their head and think…is that a new model of Armani…..well done…many guys in Milano combine gray with a petrol scarf….maybe also worth a try for you….I do like your scarf too…..have a great day from Switzerland… And if you should visit Milano be also prepared for some great food and that you will find guys…women too…which combine colors which would scare many people but I am sure that stylish people like you would love…as I do…ciao ciao Christa


  5. fantastic! you pull this look off with aplomb! and I agree that, while the athleisure trend will go the way of all trends eventually, these pieces actually have that combined winning power of a classic looking garment that is also comfortable to wear, and therefore I think they'll have staying power in your closet. Kudos!


  6. Love this post! You look great and I loved your photo shoot. So much fun going through the athleisure ups and downs with you. Can't wait for the next adventure.


  7. What a great outfit! I confess I didn't have very high hopes for this Athleisure thing but you have definitely proven me wrong. It looks both classy and comfortable.
    Oh, and those grey tones work really well for you, especially in textured fabrics like these.


  8. You rock the athleisure look! I *actually* looked at the composite photo twice before I realized you were in the center! So I would definitely say Milan. =) The extra band on the pockets definitely adds flavor to the pockets


  9. Another one here who just found your blog. You did a super job on your “patched patch pockets”! and…you rock the black! I think the contrast gray/black with silver hair is super attractive, and very sophisticated! I will be back to read more!


  10. Yet another who has just found your blog. I think your outfit is fantastic! Very wearable, but smart and cosy at the same time. I have just spent the best part of an hour reading back through your blog and the clothes you produced are amazing. I particularly like the stripey ombre shirt with the blue trousers – one of my daughters was reading over my shoulder at that point and commented on how cool your outfit was – high praise from a 13yr old who has very firm opinions on what I should wear! I am going to add you to my reader and maybe use you for inspiration when sewing for my husband!


  11. Just catching up on your blog , this looks great! So glad you listened to me about the vest (perfect for spring!) . It's also hilarious to me that you barely had enough fabric , I'm always the opposite! 🙂 Congrats on the blog award , you're #1!! xox


  12. Having only just found this superb blog, I’m doing a dive into the archives. Though it may no longer be on the cutting edge this maybe the insperation needed to finally get my man into ANYTHING other than jeans!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! !
    Loving every minute of this blog!


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