Summer Break



I’m going to be taking a little break from sewing. I live in a very quirky little old house (at one time it was the post office of Riggsville, Maine) which desperately needs my attention.


Water damage around a leaking skylight in the bathroom.



A big crack around another skylight in the pantry.




A section of bannister that needs to be built before I fall down the stairs and break my neck.


I look forward to getting back to basics when I return (working exclusively from my stash). Definitely on my list of “to be sewn” ….. A pair of linen shorts, a pair of khaki shorts, a pair of khaki Jeds, and a plaid shirt. That’s certainly enough to keep me busy till Fall.


Wishing you all happy sewing. (I’m already in withdrawals!).


24 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Why not keep us updated as you do the repairs! That would be just as interesting as your sewing projects. That's assuming you have time.
    Looks like a beautiful old home.


  2. Boats, houses, sewing–just different facets of the same pleasure. (And yes the bannister–or lack thereof–looks like a menace.)


  3. It is good to take a break. Getting house diy projects done always make you feel good knowing that they are completed. You should take some of the time to start planning your fall 2015/winter 2016 clothing line.


  4. I am new to your blog. Very enjoyable. When you are back, I have a question (or two). Have you ever made t-shirts and where do you get most of your dress shirt fabric? Do you have a favorite on line store or two? Thanks!


  5. I'm looking forward to getting back as well! Soon I hope. I've had good luck with the cotton shirting from Denver Fabrics. They've really improved their site (the pictures are better and bigger). The prices are hard to beat, and I've never had a beef about the quality.


  6. I have a jacket construction question to ask you:

    I am currently using a vogue jacket pattern from the 90's which is relatively un-constructed. The jacket is still interfacted etc should pads and partially lined. I wanted to know what changes I will need to make to the shoulder/sleeve head/cap since I don't want to use shoulder pads? I think you have done this before. I appreciate the advise. – Corey .. looking forward to your future sewing projects and you should take some pics of your finished DIY projects as well.


  7. Corey, go back and look at my posts for the Missoni jacket. It's very easy to take the ease out of the sleeve cap. Take a measuring tape and measure along the seamlines of both the sleeve and armscye between the front and back notches. Then it's just a matter of removing the difference. The last two jackets I've made have 1.5″ of ease. You'll find a link to a little you tube video that will help you. Bye bye shoulder pads!


  8. Thanks Duane, I will go thru your posts on the jacket. I would also like to make the same kind of “knit” jacket as well. What I am going for with my jacket is the neapolitan tailing techniques for a jacket with minimal interfacing lining and padding. I love a jacket that is easy to wear and does not feel like i am being stuffed in a suit of armor that is over padded. If I have any questions, I will let you know.


  9. I am so happy to have met you at MPB 2015! To see your shirt in person…WOW! Though you are on a sewing hiatus right now, I hope to see some more fabulous creations soon! Lynn


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