Frock coat finale!

The Victorian Frock Coat with Shawl Collar Brocade Vest

A single breasted frock coat in brown wool herringbone.  Worn over a polyester brocade vest of black, bronze and gold.  Both garments fastened with antique brass buttons.  Pattern by Laughing Moon Mercantile #109.  
A day in the country or a day at the grocery store.  It’s all GOOD in a fabulous coat like this! 
Buttoned up with just a hint of the vest showing.  
And here is the back detail with shaped seams, buttons and full length tails. 
 I’ve been wearing this coat for a couple of days now and totally love it.  It was a challenging project (aren’t they all) and I had to alter the pattern quite a bit, but I believe my efforts were all worth it.  I love Fall, and having a coat like this somehow lessens the painful reality that Winter will be here before too long.  
No rest for the weary, however.  I’m launching immediately into the Japanese pea coat, and get this…..  I’ll be doing it as a sew-along with one of my blog followers from Gloucestershire, UK!  She’s traced the pattern and made the muslin, so I have some catching up to do.  If anyone else has the book and wants to play along don’t be shy.  

12 thoughts on “Frock coat finale!

  1. It looks great—and I love the detail on the back. I was in the midst of making a frock coat for my honey last month, but as I'm currently on strike from sewing for him, it's on hold. Which sucks. I'll probably give in and make it anyway, eventually… 😉


  2. Wow, Duane. That coat really looks fabulous on you!

    I am totally in awe of your tailoring skills – I would never ever have been able to make something equally nice 🙂


  3. I was just looking at the pattern which was what lead me to this page. Had been thinking that adding pockets should be possible since there are none on the outside, certainly of the alternative build. So good to see you have incorporated pockets where I would put them.
    Might just lead to me buying this pattern which I'm considering.
    nice job you've done btw


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